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Scarnecchia Family Update #Team Skylar Strong

This may be long but worth the read.
Today marks the day that our Skylar and our families lives changed forever. The day of August 30th will no longer be an ordinary day in our lives, it was the day that our precious baby girl was diagnosed with stage 4 synovial sarcoma a rare, aggressive form of cancer. What allot of you don't know is after Skylar's lung surgery it was determined by 3 of the best hospitals that Skylar wasn't only battling 1 type of cancer her little body had been battling 2 primary cancers. Yes, you read that right not 1 but 2. The second cancer was an adult lung cancer called adenocarcinoma, there again you read that right an adult cancer. The drs. at Childrens Nationwide in Columbus calls Skylar a unicorn she is the only one in the world with this. Yes, there again you read that right. LOL So, when I write this you will understand that this didn't happen to Skylar by chance but by God choosing her to be an ambassador to not only childhood cancer but adult cancer as well at the age of 10. Skylar has shown such strength and determination while going through everything that she has endured. She has kept that beautiful, charismatic smile on her face the entire time and never was it a put on and she has had such laughter in her spirit and soul. Skylar has had to grow up beyond her years but has held on to her youthful spirit at the same time. She has had to learn some tough life lessons at a very young age, but it has made her wiser and stronger. Skylar is the epitome of STRONG-hence "Skylar Strong" was birthed.
The year has gone by quick at some points and slow at others. There has been allot of twist and turns along the way but the one thing that has not twisted and turned has been our Faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ. Skylar as well as our family love Him just as much today as we did a year ago and our love for Him continues to grow as we see such miracles come from Him by using Skylar. I always say our Skylar but she really isn't ours, God has lent her to us and giving us the privilage and honor to be her parents to guide her here on earth to to do His work for Him. I can honestly say she is doing it!!! She loves Jesus with all of her heart and she shines His light wherever she goes you can just see it on her. I as her mother am humbled by this beyond compare. I know God has great things in store for her life as He's already preparing her path, it may be unknown to her and us but not to Him, her footsteps are ordered.
I would like to continue to thank all our family, friends, community, schools, surrounding communities, drs. and caretakers, you all have played a huge part in keeping our family strong as well. Your prayers and generosity has been humbling beyond belief. We all still get so inspired when we see Sky's face on signs in peoples yards or seeing someone with a Skylar shirt on, or a bracelet around their wrist its just an amazing feeling knowing that people haven't forgotten and still are standing there in the gap for us when we are having a very rear weak moment. To you all I say thank you.
Skylar still has a long road ahead of her, scans and mris every 3 months, therapy still once a week, the daily challenges of learning to live with a prosthetic leg, the fears of "it" returning and knowing that if "it" does return what she is in for since she now has had 2 cancers, you can only imagine what races through her head as well as ours but I can say God quiets those thoughts quite a bit but we are human and it happens.
But, one thing is for sure we love God, we love our family and friends and we love our community.
We are Skylar Strong!!!!!! 6 months in remission!!!!! we will celebrate with funfetti cake tonight and by watching Skylar on the Champion soccer field with her team tonight!!!! and yes you heard that right: 1 year later in remission and playing soccer, we serve a Mighty Big God!!!!
-The Scarnecchia Family, August 2017

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It is with great joy, happiness and thankfulness to tell all of our friends, family and community that Skylar is #CANCERFREE#INREMISSION!! Skylar was diagnosed on August 30, 2016 and was told on March 1, 2017 that she was in remission 😄 6 months of a sprint, Sky has never done anything slow and this is one time we wanted her to go fast and boy did she 😊 God has given Sky her miracle and we're believing that it will never come back. Sky had lung surgery on 3/1/17 and is at home resting now. It was a very difficult surgery for her, she says it was worse than her amputation, but so worth it when we found out the results, there were tears of joy shed and a heaviness lifted that has been hanging over our family for 6 quick months. God is so very good and has remained by our sides every step of the way without waiver and we give Him all the honor and glory in this whole situation. God has used Sky in a mighty way already to spread His love and we know this is just the beginning for what He has in store for her and our family. Sky will be monitored closely every 3 months for the next 3 years and as long as she remains in remission the scans after that will get further apart till her 5 year mark. We would just like to thank everyone again for all of your love and support and most importantly your prayers if it weren't for those we wouldn't have made it through so amazingly strong!! We are Skylar Strong 💪 
-The Scarnecchia Family, March 2017
Skylar Scarnecchia is a 5th grader at Champion Middle School who loves elephants, basketball and watching YouTube videos. Skylar brightens every room she walks into with her spunky personality and amazing smile.
On August 30, 2016, Skylar was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare, aggressive form of cancer. The malignant tumor was first detected in her foot. Soon thereafter, it was determined by her doctors at the Cleveland Clinic that the cancer had spread to the lungs and that she was facing a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. 

There are many community efforts to support #TEAM SKYLAR STRONG. The Champion Community Calendar will continue to link to the Skylar Go Fund Me campaign, #Team Skylar Strong Facebook page, Skylar Strong T-Shirts and other fundraising events as they occur. 

Click the buttons to go directly to various pages. General fundraisers will be listed on the calendar page. Just follow the link and go to the fundraiser date for more information. Look for the #Team Skylar Strong logo to quickly find information and support this young girl. 

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We welcome all avenues of support for this family. Contact us at championcommunitycalendar@yahoo.com to add any efforts of support for #Team Skylar Strong. 

Pray for Skylar and her family!
Pray for Skylar ~ Area Church Information
Information courtesy of the #Team Skylar Strong , the Champion Flashes Reunion Facebook pages and the Skylar Scarnecchia Go Fund Me Page .
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