CMS Planets

CES and CMS Turns Play-Doh into Planets

Third graders from Central Elementary School along with their teachers, Mrs. Schimley, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Chronister recently visited one of Mr. Murduck's 5th grade science classes at Champion Middle School. Students learned how scientists use teamwork when trying to solve problems while completing experiments or engineering new designs. Using data created by NASA scientists, students worked together to create scale models of the planets in our solar system using a three pound tub of Play-Doh. After visualizing how large the outer planets like Jupiter are compared to the inner planets like Earth, students learned that it would take 980 three pound tubs of Play-Doh to represent the Sun. Next year, when students are in our new building we hope to have even more interaction between grade levels. How exciting!! 
Content and photos courtesy of Mr. Dave Murduck, Champion Middle School.
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