Safe Winter Driving

Champion Road Department reminds community to be cautious on roads

The winter season is upon us and so far has been filled with extreme cold and average or above average snowfall. The Road Department appreciates the patience and cooperation of township residents as we strive to keep Champion roads clear and safe. The extreme cold adds another obstacle to our efforts since often road salt is not effective in temperatures below 20 degrees. High winds also blow snow on to the pavement, especially in open areas in the more rural sections of the township. For these reasons it is important that motorists use caution and adjust their speed to changing or unknown road conditions.
To assist us in our attempt to keep your roadways clear, the road department would like to provide residents with several reminders:

-Please do not park on the roadway during inclimate weather. This makes snow removal more difficult and creates a danger to our drivers and other motorists. Please do not park at the end of your driveway close to the road since this makes it more likely that snow from the plow could hit your vehicle.

-Please do not shovel or plow snow onto the roadway. This is a violation of Ohio law and could cause an accident for which you could be held liable. 

-Do not follow a plow truck to closely as they change direction often while throwing salt and snow.

-When encountering a plow truck traveling in the opposite direction please slow down or pull over and allow the plow to pass. Many neighborhood streets in the township are narrow and the plows are difficult to maneuver with the driver having limited visibility.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters. Remember to stay alert for changing weather conditions. Look out for your neighbors and other motorists. The Road Department and Champion Township strive to provide residents with the best possible services. Thank you again.
Content courtesy Chris Connelly, Champion Township Road Superintendent.
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