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What Does the Superintendent Consider When “Closing Schools” Due to Weather?

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center in association with the Trumbull County Superintendent’s Association has the following plan regarding closing schools for weather conditions (snow or temperature).In that plan the Superintendents are clustered into 4 regions due to weather patterns in the County. Those regions are:

North: Badger, Bristol, Bloomfield and Maplewood

Central: Lakeview, Brookfield, Champion, Mathews and Southington

Southeast: LaBrae, Howland, Lordstown, Newton Falls, Warren and Parochial

Southwest: Liberty, Fairhaven, Girard & Parochial, Hubbard and Parochial, McDonald, Niles & Parochial and Weathersfield
Champion Local Schools Superintendent
Road conditions for student drivers are not a determining factor for closing schools. Student driving is a privilege granted to students. Approximately 100 students drive their cars compared to the 1200 transported by bus. The School District provides bus transportation for all students. The School District provides space on buses for student drivers. Even though the student is driving.
There is a lead Superintendent assigned per region to talk with superintendents within his/her region regarding opinion of the weather conditions. These conversations may start the night before or as early as 4:00 a.m. on the day of weather concerns.
After gathering opinions of superintendents in their regions, the lead superintendents of each of the 4 regions confer and a decision is made to either close or stay open.
The network model helps each superintendent have the input of fellow superintendents in his/her region and countywide before making the decision to close or stay open.
Even though every superintendent can make his/her own decision, the decision is usually the same within the region’s school districts.

  • Close all 3 buildings due to snow when road conditions are determined by the superintendent to be unsafe for school bus operation. School buses transport approximately 1200 students a day. The rest of the student population arrive as walkers (about 50), student drivers (about 100) and parent drop offs.
  • Close all 3 buildings due to extreme cold, as determined by the superintendent.
For questions or concerns: Please contact Mrs. Hood, Superintendent @ or by clicking the button to call.

Champion Local Schools Superintendent
Information courtesy of  Pamela Hood, Superintendent of Champion Local School District
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